Year:  1950
Country:  United States
Genre:  Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
Time:  75 min

Een vrouw werd geschonden (1950) Subtitles

A young girl is raped while coming home from work. The trauma of the attack turns her away from her parents and her fiancé. Unable to face society, she runs away and, using an assumed name, takes a job on an orange ranch. A young clergyman takes an interest in her although she won't confide in him. When a ranch hand tries to kiss her she relives her terrifying experience and nearly kills him. She is arrested, but when her identity is established and the facts of her case are brought forth, the clergyman convinces the court that society should shoulder the blame. He helps her rebuild her faith and sends her back to her parents and fiancé. Written by Les Adams IMDb


IMDB /  6.8