Year:  2023
Country:  Hungary
Genre:  Animation, Action, Adventure, Drama
Time:  103 min

Kojot négy lelke (2023) Subtitles

Four Souls of Coyote is an alternative and more modest creation myth, in which the human being is neither the top creature of nature nor the king of the world, but only one of all the creatures. Surprisingly, these archaic myths depict the interrelated nature of the world quite similarly to modern scientific results; their morals and wisdom resonate with current environmental and green movements. The film goes back to the creation of the world, when Old Man created life from mud. His every creation is new and unknown and affects the rest of the world. Desire and emotions are unknown as well, and with the evolution of those, the world becomes more complicated. Through adventures filled with animals, magic, hunger, greed and the sacred circle of all creations, the story gives us hope that it Is not too late to correct our course - it is the last minute to save Earth. IMDb


IMDB /  7.3