Year:  1957
Country:  United States
Genre:  Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller
Time:  90 min

The Burglar (1957) English Subtitles

Nat, Gladden, Baylock and Dohmer comprise a disparate band of Philadelphia-based thieves, who, despite their differences, are able to pull off their latest heist of a bejeweled necklace which Baylock, the jewelry specialist, appraises at $150,000 retail. The heist itself was not without its problems, they having a couple of close calls in the process. The heist only exacerbates the issues between the four. Baylock has always had problems with Gladden who he sees as adding nothing to their gang, while brutish Dohmer always seem solely to want to manhandle her. While Nat realizes that they have to hold on to the necklace until things cool down in it being too hot, Baylock, on parole, wants to get rid of it as soon as possible to reduce their risk. While most realize they will ultimately only be able to get a fraction of the retail amount, Dohmer wants to push for as close to retail as possible. Through it all, Nat, the leader, seems to have a protective nature toward Gladden - the reason he comes to her defense against Baylock and Dohmer - even though the others can see that he isn't interested in her in a romantic sense. Nat, in turn, is unaware that Gladden is indeed in love with him. While the four lay low together with Baylock and Dohmer in particular going stir crazy, Nat is able to convince Gladden to hide out in the open somewhere else - the choice being Atlantic City - to protect her against those stir crazy feelings of the other two. When Nat eventually discovers that Gladden is in danger from someone who believes she may be in possession of the necklace, the reason her pursuer believes she was sent away, Nat, who is still the holder of the jewels, feels obligated to protect her at all cost. Written by Huggo IMDb


IMDB /  6.6