Year:  2009
Country:  United States
Genre:  Comedy
Time:  99 min

Today's Special (2009) Subtitles

Samir is a sous-chef in Manhattan. He quits when he's not promoted and his boss says his cooking lacks soul. He decides to find an unpaid internship in Paris, but his father suffers a heart attack, which will keep him home for a few weeks, so Samir must run the family's failing Indian restaurant in Queens. He can't cook Indian food, so things get dire when the chef quits, and Samir tracks down Akbar, a cabbie who claims to have cooked for British royalty in Bombay. Akbar cooks with mind, heart, and gut--and offers philosophy as well. With help from Carrie, whom he met at at the Manhattan restaurant, Samir begins to enjoy the work. But will his father approve? And if not, what then? Written by IMDb


IMDB /  6.6