Year:  2023
Country:  United States
Genre:  Documentary, Crime, Sport
Time:  78 min

Untold: Hall of Shame (2023) Subtitles

Victor Conte's name is synonymous with the biggest doping scandal ever to rock the sports community, ensnaring top athletes such as baseball great Barry Bonds and track-and-field legends Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery. For 16 years, Conte swears BALCO Laboratories, his supplement and nutrition company based in the Bay Area, never dabbled in illegal, performance-enhancing drugs. But by 2000, he went to the dark side and became the go-to guy for athletes in search of steroids, fame, and world records. The film features interviews with several of Conte's notable former associates including Montgomery and the anti-doping and IRS authorities who helped send him to prison after a 42-count indictment give harrowing testimony as the legend of one of sports' most notorious names continues to unfold. IMDb


IMDB /  6.5